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hurrah! for broadband...
Well ladies and gents, I now have ADSL...

Well, we got it on monday after applying the previous wednesday. I just picked up a filter from Dickies and we're all set to be connected 24/7. We got ADSL so we can host a server (http://www.hatstats.info) here at home. There will be another server too, but for that one you need to see groovemerchant. :)

Last night I got a nasty blow to the shin in Indoor Soccer and it still hurts like hell, even though there is no bruise yet... I can see the match report now (aimed at Hattrick players): "The Eglinton bench looked very worried when Chris Dunstall spent some time on the floor in agony, but were relieved to see him get up and contine the game."

Chris Dunstall +1
24 years, passable form, bruised but playing

I just hope I can dance on Saturday... I should be right.

The landscaping is coming along well, they've almost finished the backyard, I think there's just the final touches on the garden beds and turf to go in. But there's no more work until tuesday now because the timber place sent the wrong size sleepers. :| Oh well.

Well, I only came home to install the filter for the ADSL, so I better get back to work!!

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Steve: "What's your THAC0?"

Ragnar Dragonhammer hits Jucan Llamekcuf, carver of obscene ivory statuettes by royal appointment, with his +1 Chris Dunstall ...of DOOOOOM!

Re: Steve: "What's your THAC0?"

You *really* need to get out more :P

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