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Model Railway Diary Page 1

A bit late, but I thought I might post it anyway.

My trip to Sydney on Saturday was to Hobbyco, the largest hobby shop in Australia. It has lots of cool stuff and covers nearly every hobby imaginable. From model cars to railways, model anything to dolls, rockets, boats, and heaps more.

Anyway, the background into this trip is a long one so I hope you don't mind me reeling it off here.

About 3 years ago, for my 21st, my wife bought me an HO scale model railway kit to start my own HO model railway. We bought a bit of track with the budget we had to go with it. Dad and I also bought this big 4 meter x 1.8 meter board to put it on. Yes it's huge.

Anyway, nothing has been done since. Until now.
We finally got off our butts and started planning something. About 3 or 4 months ago, we decided to sit down and plan a layout. We actually planned one that fitted the entire board. We had written down how much track we needed (extra from what we already had) and decided on a time to go down to get the extra stuff.

Well Saturday was when we went down. We browsed through everything there and a few of the model railway books. It was then we realised that we might have been a little in over our heads with the layout we had planned earlier and mutually decided upon a simpler layout already defined in one of the books by Hornby (a good Model Railway brand).

We discovered another problem... Different brand track use different radius' on their curves. So, the track we already had was not able to be used on the layout we had decided on. Thus we had to get all new track. The old track wasn't going to go to waste though, it would be perfect for an extension down the track (sorry for the pun :P).

We ended up buying a Hornby set of the Flying Scotsman, the famous Pacific 4-6-2 from England. It was OO scale but the differences between OO and HO are hard to spot. We got the extra track we needed for the layout and we were done. We've left the scenery for a later date (seeing this trips total had come to almost $600!)

Sunday I went over to Dad's place and put the layout together to see if we had everything and to test the new loco. Good thing I did too, as we discovered I overlooked 2 long straight sections of track, however, that's where the track we already had helped out.

For a photo album of what I did on Sunday, go here:

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