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badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom!
hehe... get that out of your head now Andrew! :P

Anyway, I was a very busy bee last night...

We got back into Indoor Soccer after a 3 week break. We lost 3-1, however we played really well - better than we have yet, so we were pleased... For the Hattrick enthusiasts out there:

Midfield: passable
Left Defense: passable
Central Defense: solid
Right Defense: passable
Right attack: inadequate
central attack: solid
left attack: inadequate

Midfield: inadequate
Left Defense: solid
Central Defense: solid
Right defense: solid
Right attack: poor
Central: excellent
left attack: poor

As you can see the teams were pretty evenly matched, we had most of the possession, but just couldn't put it in the net, I guess that's what happens when they have 4 guys and we only had 2. I am happy, I scored the '1'... :)

Last night I also made up a first pass of Lanyard passes for Bucalan... here they are:

Admin Pass with BF1942 backing

Player Pass with MOHAA backing

I like the player pass personally, but I'll make some more in the next few days (for different games)...