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I thought I'd take a few minutes and take a break from my work to do a bit of an entry...

I'm annoyed at the moment because I can't do what I want with this program I am writing. We're using something called Struts with Java and it won't just let me go from one page to another by sending a parameter (ie filename.jsp?var=1). I have to build the page's view before hand and then keep it in memory, then use the one in memory each time. It might sound more efficient, but it's fucking hard to get your head around and put into code. So I am annoyed. :P

I was pretty stoked at lunch time, I was on the way out to my car when I found $5 on the ground. It's the first time I've ever found money, so it must be my lucky day :P

The Landscapers started on my house this week too, however, they poisoned the grass on Monday, Levelled it all out on Tuesday and haven't been back since! Sally is quite disappointed to put it lightly. However, it's starting to take shape.

I know I said I'd do a race diary, but at the end of each day, after standing up for 12 hours straight, I didn't feel much like writing.

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