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Friends Notification doesn't work...
2003-10-06 22:45

Hi, I hope someone sees this post...

Ever since I started using Semagic around version 1.1.x I have never been able to get the Friends notification thingy working.

A friend of mine has it working fine, but even though I'd have the same settings, I cannot get it to work - it won't notify me of friends updates. We both run the same system, winxp.

I can't even get it to work on my work computer which has an internet connection of a 34 megabit microwave link (so connection isn't a problem).

Any help is greatly appreciated...
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Re: Friends Notification doesn't work...
2003-10-06 23:38 (link)
Check for friends’ updates
Enables automatic check of friends’ updates. (currently available only for paid users)

that's a quote from context help for options/friends page


I'm becoming a paid user. :/

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