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Sometimes I wish I had a paid account on LiveJournal... I so wish I had more pictures... :/

Bucalan is on tomorrow, and I still haven't been able to get the patches HDD working :( For some reason it's just disappeared of the face of the earth. It was there one minute, gone the next and for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'll have to do it in the morning, which is a bit of a shit because it needs to be working tomorrow so people can get the patches! :|

Otherwise I'm looking forward to tomorrow... A nice quiet LAN, about 20 people (22 in fact), so it should be nice and cosy.

Work has been busy lately. We're a little behind on the project, despite me working up 15 hours of flexi time. Next week will be fun, with the public holiday and the races, I'll only be at work for 2 days, and I have 2 things I need to have finished by EoB Wednesday. It's not going to be fun. :(

In happier news ;) We picked up a new family member today. Zorro the cat! He's about 15 months old (about the same age as Rosie) and he was sent to the vet by the pound to be put to sleep, so the vet's try to sell them to unsuspecting and weaklings of human beings like my wife before putting them down in the off chance that someone will take them.

Zorro is cute though, he's a big softie and very gentle. We brought him home not quite knowing how either he or Rosie would react to each other. When we got home, Zorro walked around investimagating the house with Rosie 2 feet behind hissing at him... Zorro couldn't care less about Rosie, but Rosie was taking a real dislike to him, while not being violent, just following him around like someone following a guest in their house not wanting to let them out of their sight. I totally understood when Zorro finally snapped, he'd had enough of Rosie's antics and had a go at her as though he was fed up and sort of said "shut the fuck up". That was when we separated them for the evening... We'll try again tomorrow morning. :P

I'll try and get some photos of Zorro up soon.

Anyway, better get to bed, big day tomorrow...

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