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The Joy of Life...

Everyone is too depressed... Except me! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

I have been away for 2 days, and after reading my friends journals, with the exception of Matt's, everyone's is depressing... :/ So I am taking it upon myself to cheer everyone up :P Well, I don't know if that is possible, but at least I will be cheerful and hope that it is passed on. :)

I am feeling pretty damn good... 2 days away in Wagga for work has been pretty good. It was the first time I travelled for work, and I had a lot of fun... the second day's proceedings were a tad boring, but you get that... After the first day, we went to a pub to play pool and watch the Ireland v Saudi Arabia world cup game with our new found Irish friend. It was a blast... it is funny watching friends get drunk... Well, Bill wasn't drunk, but he was happy. ;) And loud! :) When the pub closed at 12 we went and played PS2 in Bill's Hotel room, of course he brought it :P

Well, I better get back to it, I've gotta get this program working, and it's driving me bonkers! :P

Cyas :)

PS, oh tony, if you have to use the website to update your journal, click on the advanced link and it takes you to the same sort of page, but with music and mood inputs as well ;)

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