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Computer troubles...
The last few days I've had some problems with my pc just rebooting out of the blue. I'd put it down to a serverely fragmented hdd, but since that has been defragged and checked, its still doing it. After a chat with Scoie, we've put it down to memory.

I've taken out one of my memory dimms (256MB) and it seems to be running fine (after it rebooted on just the other one). So it looks like a faulty memory dimm. While it is 2 years old, I am annoyed, because I can't replace it. I always dreaded my pc failing when I had no money, and sure enough it has. :(

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prolly unrelated, but at uni they got done with a virus, and all the virus does is after a couple of minutes shuts down the compter. I think it's for win 2000/xp only though and I didn't really pay attention to the name of it, but there were a lot of shat off lecturers....


Yeah that's the MSBlaster Worm. I've come across that before, both at home and here at work (I had to help patch all the Uni machines :S).

I know this is not the cause, as I've already been hit and patched. Also, the rebooting of WinXP from the Worm is due to XP telling you to reboot. It has a countdown and everything. It is from a vital system that the Worm crashes, XP says "Oi I need that, I'm going to reboot now".

What's happening with my PC at the moment is that if I am doing anything that requires memory (I know this now) it just goes *blink*... reset... No warning... nothing.

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