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Things back on the mend

Sorry for not posting here for a while, have had my mind on other things for the past few days. Now that my mind has finished and has returned to my head I can think about the things I used to do :P

Sally is a lot better now, she's over all the hormone-related symptoms from pregnancy and is back at uni.
Sally wants to talk more about some issues, but apart from that we're moving on and looking to the future. We're having our front and back yards landscaped and cleaning out etc, you know general spring cleaning stuff... only it's not spring yet. Oh well, 2-3 weeks early won't hurt.

Bucalan was on the weekend and we had some friends from the Sydney LAN that I used to help out with come and visit. They had a ball, and want to come again some time. That's a good thing I guess, but it puts Sally at a huge inconvenience. She doesn't really like being around 5 people who play computers all the time, however, her greatest fear, the fact that we'd be having a LAN at our place before and after the LAN didn't happen. I found this to be a good thing, because after Bucalan LANing is the last thing I want to do sometimes, especially after this month. I was exhausted. So we just watched a movie I grabbed on the day.

Oh well, got a meeting to go to, so I'll be off...


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