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The crueller side of life...
Well, as it seems all too common in this day and age, Sally and I lost the baby.

Apparently it had grown to 6 weeks, and then stopped. The ultrasound (taken earlier this week) showed a 6 week fetus with no heartbeat, and but had taken 4 weeks to miscarry. We were told that there wouldn't have been any problem just that there wasn't enough genetic information to keep growing... A bit like a boot sector failure...

So this week has been a bit of a blur... My feelings have all been mixed and jumbled up and I don't know what to feel. I Can't imagine what Sally's going through. However, we are getting better. We were assured it is very common, however this doesn't take away the disappointment and the sadness that we lost something that could have grown into a life and our first child.

However, talking with a friend last night Sally seems adamant to do it all again... We'll just have a break for a bit, then try again I guess...

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That's harsh.

You have my deepest sympathy.

deepest sympathy to you both. I had a miscarriage and it bad. if not worse - no body to grieve over.

i wish you all the best for the future - you and Sally. There's a book called "death of a baby" or "death of a child", it helped me deal with it in the beginning. Most libraries have a copy.

yes this is quite common in this age.

i feel your pain man.. take it easy.. give sally a hug for me

as short as the pregnancy was (it wasnt very old) thats gotta suck, so sympathy to you both

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