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Ouch... :(
Last night I went to my first soccer training in 16 years and my first football code training in 3 years. Damn I am sore! :( While I seemed to have lost nothing in the handling skills and foot control over the years, my fitness has really gone to shit.

I am hoping to play for Eglinton next season, as it's too late to get into the team this season (before June 30 I would have been right, oh well). So I am hoping that attending the training every week and also participating in the touch football teams they put together in the Summer will tone me up and get my fitness back on track.

I've also discovered, as I said before, that the time I spent playing Aussie Rules ( about 5 years or so) have really helped general ball control despite the different shaped ball.

My goal over the next few weeks is to actually finish the running excercises and maybe do a few proper pushups! :P

Baby Diary - 211 days to go

Sally spent the entire day in bed asleep yesterday. I was a tad worried, but she said she was ok other than feeling extremely tired and a little off colour. I made dinner, which was Shepherds pie, which turned out really well (which surprised me - I usually cremate food when I cook). I have some left over for lunch. Yummy :) Almost up to 10 weeks now! 2 more weeks and we can go for our first ultrasound. I can't wait!

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MM I can relate to the ouchy next morning thing - fool that I am I have decided to wakl to uni from Perth train station. Not such a long way? At least an hour and a half, with no options of bus stops or toilets along the way. Have decided twice a week is all I can handle due to needing to read for uni :/

IMHO the first 3 months are the worst on your body, except for the last month - the transitional period from "normal" to "pregnant" is harsh because you are adjusting yourself to less optimum for you.

Hey congrats on the cooking - anything you can have as leftovers is a good meal *g*

There's a really gorgeous book called the Tao of Babies - if you ever have a chance check out the library for a copy or as a present to your partner. Very cute, funny and yet so very true....


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