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The turning of a new page

Well, I've decided to go Friends only on my LiveJournal. I've done this for a couple of reasons. One, because I think you are the only ones that read my journal, and two I am thinking my life is getting to a stage that the things I am wanting to write about I don't really want to be read by anyone but my friends.

So yay to be a friend of Chris :P Oh don't all rejoice at once! ;)

Well, on the home front, things are going well, sort of. We've entered that dreated time of year, that has kind of hit us unprepaired. The dreaded Car rego time. To boot, we've discovered things on the car that will have to be fixed up before we get that little sticker saying we're allowed to drive the thing on the road.

Well, it's really only one thing at this stage, and hopefully it will stay at one thing. For the last 6 months or so, the front passenger door has had the keyhole thingy missing, it had fallen inside the actual door and the clip and come off, so the door handle had almost come off. Obviously this is something that needs to be fixed for rego, and we've just kept putting it off and now it's biting us in the bum saying rather spitefully "I told you, you should have fixed me earlier... hah!"

Sally has been a lot happier this last couple of weeks, although still goes very quiet when discussions about the baby come up. Although on Saturday she went to a garage sale and bought a portable cot thingy that folds up. Pretty good condition (like new) for $30 which was a good bargain. We're at 9 weeks now, we've got this cool countdown thing on the fridge telling us how many days to go.

Work is in a bit of a rut at the moment, I've been stuck on one part of a project for a couple of weeks, and the clients aren't being very helpful with test data etc so I can fix it! It's quite frustrating at times, but they've finally just come through, heh ironically though, as I am onto a new project come Monday.

Well that's about it for now. :) Wishing you all a nice day. :)

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