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PC Mods
I've entered my PC into a mod competition with a Sydney computer shop that sponsors Sydney Gamers League. So I thought I'd post them all here...

I know it's a very simple mod, just the ol' window in the side with a light job, but I think it's pretty neat.

First couple with the light off, to try and bring out the window.

That didn't work, so I took the side off to take a photo of the window itself.

With the light on, window off...

The light control, it's a cold cathode with beat detection. I was actually quite disappointed as I needed to sit the subwoofer right inside my case (which is impossible) for this feature to function properly.

Also a couple of fans I have added (simple stuff)

Then with the window on, with light.

Finally my desk, complete with Q3 mouse pad :)

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tidy cables man!

what have i been telling you for years!

and still the muffbox owns all

pitty i dont post or care about sgl anymore.. ehehhe

It was tidy! The flat cable is for one of the 45gigs that was in my raid. It'd still be in my raid (in another machine) except the other one died. :(

The pictures just dont do it justice, looks much better IRL, plus it doesnt convey the amount of effort that went into that MOD.

If i had pics of my case id stick em up as well, but alas for now.

Anyway, good luck.

I know, I probably should scan the photos I took with my Pentax shouldn't I...

These were taken with Andrews digital camera, which for its age is ok, but the quality these days isn't great.

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