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PC Mods

I've entered my PC into a mod competition with a Sydney computer shop that sponsors Sydney Gamers League. So I thought I'd post them all here...

I know it's a very simple mod, just the ol' window in the side with a light job, but I think it's pretty neat.

First couple with the light off, to try and bring out the window.

That didn't work, so I took the side off to take a photo of the window itself.

With the light on, window off...

The light control, it's a cold cathode with beat detection. I was actually quite disappointed as I needed to sit the subwoofer right inside my case (which is impossible) for this feature to function properly.

Also a couple of fans I have added (simple stuff)

Then with the window on, with light.

Finally my desk, complete with Q3 mouse pad :)


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