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Weekly update

Well, the weekend has come to an end, and once again I didn't get done what I wanted to but that always happens. I really should expect it, I don't know why I find it so disappointing when it happens every week.

I'm doing a website for Hattrick, or mainly the Oceania players in Hattrick. I've found a great Content Management system that will handle it perfectly. However, it needs ImageMagick, so I'm going to have to wait till we have our own server (coming soon) before I can play with it.

A couple of features still outstanding on the bucalan website, I'll get to them eventually I guess, I just have to get the motivation, I'll probably do it over the next week or so before regos open again for the next event. I need to spend some time with Sally, as the last week and a bit I've been a bit tied up with computer stuff... /me slaps his hand - naughty chris...

One other project I've started is creating the Indian Pacifc route in Auran's Train simulater, Trainz. I've started with Sydney Central. I've almost finished it, but it's taking a while, as I'm doing it all from memory. Trainz also has a few limitations, so it won't be exactly lifelike but it will be pretty similar - general track layout etc.

Well, I'm going to get an early night for a change, for one, my eyes are really sore and two, nothing online is working!

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