Chris (bovinator) wrote,

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It's happened again

Indoor Cricket last night, but this time it was the Minor Semi final. We made it to the finals, 4th in fact. But once again, when the occasion rose for us to lift and perform that little bit extra, we dropped it. Like we do every season. It happened last season too. It's kinda annoying and disappointing because we are good enough to get to the final. We just don't lift our game in the finals - when it counts - like the other teams. But I'll get over it. It's only a game after all.

Well, we turn to next season, with pretty much the same team. Not sure about Matt or James, as their HSC exams will be coming up in a couple of months during this next season. I've more than enough backups, but they may want to play as an escape from their exams anyway. Only time will tell.

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