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Despair and Desperation can be scary
My wife and I have been put in a situation that neither of us have experienced before and probably one that no one would want to be placed in either.

On Friday 7 December 2001, a girl named Janine Vaughan went missing and hasn't been seen since. Now, not long after being declared a missing person we started receiving phone calls from people who had the same name as this girl's parents. They left messages asking Janine to call them immediately. They only called once then, so we forgot about it, until last weekend, when there was another major operation to try and find her. We recieved 2 phone calls asking for Janine, which we informed the caller there was no one here by that name.

Now the uncanny thing is that my wife's surname is Vaughan also. Although there is no relation between my wife's family and the family involved in this nightmare, they have some how tracked down my wife. This scares me. The fact that my wife's name isn't listed in any phonebook or internet directory anywhere - our contacts are listed under my name, which is different (my wife chose to keep her maiden name) - and they still found her is really scary.

I am really worried now, as our house is in a new estate, with no close houses nearby, and a couple of these phone calls have come through when Sally has been on her own. We have been to the Police about it, and they have said they will find out who called us, so hopefully this will come to a happy ending... well, as happy as the situation allows.

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well im glad you guys went to the police about it. Its a start, not much more can be done about it i spose, just keep you heads up, but your eyes open.

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