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Up close and personal... :)

Bucalan went off on the weekend. Although starting off a bit slowly, we ended up with a totaly 33 people attending which is our biggest for the year (after slumping at the end of last year from 60). We are slowly building our way back up which is good, so hopefully we'll get a good attendance by the end of the year and into next year.

I got a bit of stuff from the various people at the LAN, namely Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vietcong, and Worms World Party. We played a 6 player WWP game to finish the night off and boy, was it hilarious! Next month, we'll try and bring back some sort of competitions, as the "Big Game" is getting not as much attention as it used to, and there is too much indecision about what game they want to play.

We had a family get together/Working bee yesterday (it was the Queens Birthday long weekend for those non-aussies ;)), where my parents and brothers came over to help us finish the paving out the back. I have Andrew's digital camera at the moment, so I'll take some pics and throw them up for you to see. :)

Also, I've started doing Weight Watchers too (reason why this post is friends only). Those that know me well, will agree when I say that I am quite... large. Well, I am really (6'2"), but I am quite heavy weight wise, which isn't healthy. However, I've only been on WW for 2 weeks, I've lost 3 kgs and 6.5 cm from around my waist, so I'd say that's progress! Well I am happy anyway! :)

Well, I've gotta shoot through, Sally needs taking home...

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