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We are teh undisputed champions of teh trivia!
We had a great day today at trivia! But bloody hell, the questions weren't easy. Some of them were quite toughies, some of them the answers were right on the tip of our tongue but we just couldn't place them (you know how it is).

However, we won the day by 2 points, and with 2 round wins, meaning we got $30 towards our kitty. We should start thinking about what we want to do with it. I'm thinking going somewhere for dinner for the team... Not sure where though...

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hehe, we r0x0r :) hrmm dinner might be interesting, or maybe lunch sometime instead, either way we need to find something that everybody can enjoy....... GAH, thats going to be fun (KFC it is then i guess :P)

LOL yeah I know... Maybe something other than KFC though...

if i remember correctly... wasnt it OUR team (andrew, duncan and i) that creamed you guys ??? :P
yes yes i know we are all on the same team but visctory is still sweet :)


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