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Some stuff...
Here's some movie tidbits I found:

Sk8er Boi: The Hollywood Reporter indicates the catchy Avril Lavigne song about a girl who develops a crush on a skater boy (what else) even though her friends disapprove, has been optioned by Paramount and MTV Films to become a feature film.

Star Trek 11: Access Hollywood talked to Jeri Ryan recently and seemed confident she'll get to be 'Seven of Nine' again soon - "Of course, but I'm not suppose to even be telling you that".

mmmm... Seven of Nine...................

Sorry :P

Anyway, we had our second last game of the season in Indoor cricket last night... Winning was an understatement. I knew we would win, as the team we played isn't very good. We batted first and everyone did well and posted a total of 195. We kept them to 61, which is a pretty good win. This puts up equal 3rd (up from equal 4th), so we're definitely in the finals now, with one more game to go. It just happens to be against Country Energy... :/