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I am ze amazink Night Cvawller...
Well not exactly... A 4 hour sleep as soon as I got home from work has seen to the fact that I am up at all hours of the night tonight. Luckily it being Friday night and nothing happening tomorrow morning means for ease of mind. If I couldn't sleep any other night of the working week, I'd be annoyed with myself because I know I won't be able to function properly at work the next day (a bit like today).

I hope to put this case of deliberate insomnia to good use though, and hope to get a few things done on the new Bucalan site. People have started asking about it, which is good timing because I should have it done by - optimistically - end of the weekend - realistically - some time during next week. Hopefully the former, it's coming along really nicely, and it looks *really* swanky, just ask Torm3nt! ;)