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The car saga...

An update to all those intrigued about my car situation... My dad and brother came to the rescue Friday night. Steve took a look (he's a mechanic at Holden) and told me that it's just the top tank. I didn't know that the radiator was made up of multi tanks, so knowing it was just the top bit was a huge relief to Sally and I. Steve and I took the radiator out of the car and I "zipped into Natrad" (the radiator specialists) where they told me it was only going to be $90 plus the cost of the tank (which could have been anywhere between $15 and $90 depending on type and make). Being a '93 camry shouldn't have posed a problem for them (they said this too) and I was told it should be ready to pick up on Monday. This is a totally better outcome than a possible $450...

A HUGE Thank you to Salty for her comments the other day, they're much appreciated, thanks! *big hugz*

Also Dad has been helping me with a few things over the last week or so. He's been helping me with the paving, as I had posted about before. Yesterday he gave me a hand with taking the radiator out and fixing up some problems in my (non-existant) driveway. Yes it is still all dirt, however some rather large ruts have appeared after numerous rainy days making the car dip a bit. It's right where we stop to get out and open the roller door, so it's just a pain in the bum fix if you know what I mean... :P We filled it in with a whole heap of river stones that we picked out of the river sand we used for the paving. We also put a bit of a ramp out of the same stones up into the garage as the car was dropping suddenly as we back it out and hitting the lip of the cement under the nose of the car (possible cause of radiator crack).

I went and saw X-Men 2 today. Now, being someone who didn't watch any of the xmen cartoons, or read any of the comic books, I thought it was pretty good and I understood most of it. The end bit needed a bit of explaining (thanks Dunc! :)). I won't spoil it for people that didn't see it. :) I give it 4 out of 5 Newbie Xmen watcher stars. ;)

I'm going to see the Matrix Reloaded on Thursday night too, the cinema here in Bathurst are putting on a charity screening at midnight thursday night (Friday morning), so it should be good... I'll just have to see if I can get Friday off or at least a half day. :P

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