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A kick in the guts is just what I needed

I went home today at lunch time to pick up one of the movie tickets I got given for christmas for the Matrix premier next week. No sooner had I pulled in the driveway did steam start pooring out from under the bonnet of the car. I lifted the bonnet to see steam pissing out of a crack in the radiator.
The car is undriveable in this state, and to make things even more enjoyable, Sally rang the radiator place here in town and they said it can't be fixed, that we have to get a new part of a whole new radiator, which costs somewhere in the vacinity of $450.

Sally and I have just started getting our feet back on the ground financially and this is what we get. A kick in the guts. It's things like this that really make me feel like giving up. We've been trying so hard for months and months to do the right thing money wise and not spend too much, and we just keep getting handed more problems. What is the good Lord trying to say to me?

Oh well, I guess I have to be thankful that it happened in MY driveway and not downtown, because if it did happen down town, I'd have to pay to have the car towed, which I don't know the cost of, but wouldn't be surprised if it was expensive too.

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