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As the dust setlles...

*sigh* Finally a chance to sit and rest for a second... :)

Oooh, boy, what a weekend. Probably one of the most hectic weekends I have ever had of late. Obviously it was centred around Bucalan, the LAN that I help run. Two friends from Sydney came up for this one, and they were staying at my place, so of course we had to have a LAN before the LAN, and so a few other friends came over too. My wife took the opportunity to stay the weekend with her parents out of town, and I don't blame her... At some stages during the weekend, I wished I could join her. We all stayed up till about 3.30 - well I did, some of the others were up later - thus we all slept in and were late getting to the Hall... when I got there people were waiting to go in. I was pretty embarressed for my tardiness... I hope that never happens again.

The LAN itself went well, with about 49 people attending, which makes our average for the last 4 LANs 49.25, which is pretty damn good for Bathurst. I was actually talking with my friends from Sydney about proportions of LANers to location population - as they were admins from Sydney Gamers League, a 420 player LAN - and it turns out that Bucalan has a proportion of 1 in 720 LANers (1 LANer per every 720 people). SGL has about, well it's a big number, probably around the order of 1 in 1 million, but for a city like Sydney, 420 player LAN is still huge! :)

However, that night we continued to have a LAN, and got to bed at 4.30am. We played a bit of Mechwarrior, which I am going to start getting into, I have got a trackball from Groovemerchant, and I'm going to try that combination with a joystick and keyboard. :) Should be enough to take on Dustpuppy and his Strategic commander :P

But as a whole, just the entire weekend was a blur of excitement and action. Not once did I sit down and relax, and I am regretting that now. I wasn't able to get up very well this morning for work, while not being late, I was pretty damn tired. :/

Oh well, relax time... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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