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And then along came Chris...

Building Effectiveness - 90%
Military Strength - 92%
etc etc... I wonder if anyone gets it... :P

Well, as you all know we're formally at war with Iraq. Well not "Iraq" as such, but their leaders as we're being told at the moment. I am not going to make a political statement or any sort of comment on the situation. Mainly because everyone else has, and I am sick of reading them, so I am not going to add to the drone.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

There. Now that we are happy again... :)

I am sitting here waiting for the 2nd Semi in the Cricket World cup and I found this leadup report for the match about the ground and how it's being threatened by rain. There's a couple of lines in it here:

Ngobese said the forecast was for "cloudy weather with a 60 percent chance of occasional rain."

He added the pitch was in good condition and the bowling run-ups were also not a problem for the day-night encounter. The winners are scheduled to play Australia in Sunday's final at The Wanderers in Johannesburg.

Groundstaff removed the covers at 5 a.m. (0300 GMT) and worked on one of the run-ups by putting down petrol and setting fire to it.


All I can say is 8-O

In other news, I've been playing Sim City 4 a bit lately, and finally I have had some success... to a point. It took 4 editions of the game, but finally I can play the smegging game without cheating (you know the F-U-N-D cheat etc). However, I have got my city (called Freedom - don't ask why) up to 29,000 people, but now the game is virtually unplayable from being so slow. The game is fine until you get your city up to about 15,000 people, and then it really starts to slow down. I really really want to keep going with it, but it's getting pretty bad. I hate to think what it'd be like at 60,000 people or even 85,000 people (which is how many you need to be able to build certain things). Oh well, I have an idea for a neighbouring city that I want to try out so I can leave that one for a bit and come back to it later.

I really want to start redoing the Bucalan site, but I haven't recieved back the design yet from the guy that's throwing it together. From what he's told me it looks awesome, but he won't show me. :( Oh well, I hope to start soon on it.

Chris out

Oh this one is for Tony....


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