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The weekend and all that
Well, my birthday came and went without too many people noticing... like usual... Oh well. The people that count noticed and that's the main thing. If they didn't, I'd be in trouble! ;) But they did, so I am grateful. I got some cool pressies too. Thanks to groovemerchant, I can finally get my house networked! I also got a couple of great books and some other "vouchers". All in all, it was a good weekend.

Bucalan was also on Saturday. From an organisation point of view, the day went off without a single problem, however from a player point of view, I couldn't have had a worse day. The only games that worked for me were D2 and WC3. While I enjoyed them immensly, I really would have liked to have played C&C Generals and Battlefield 1942. I think I have pretty much decided to buy them now. I am sick of mucking around with warez versions and them not working. No more I say! First on my list will be Battlefield 1942, because it's just sooo cool. The next game I'll decide when I get the money (I think I'll be able to get one game a month), but it'll be either C&C Generals or SimCity 4 (which I am "evaluating" now).

SimCity 4 r0x0rs teh hizouse... I have only played it a little bit, but I am loving it. I have always loved Sim City, although not being all that good at it, have still enjoyed it a lot.