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The wonderful world of newbie drivers

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Don't we all just love Newbie drivers. And because it's the start of the University year, the town is FULL of them, all budding young Uni students with the ink still fresh on their drivers licence. I swear they need to up the standard of the passing mark these days because some of the DROP KICKS that are getting licences today shouldn't be allowed near a car let alone drive them.

Driving to work this morning, pulling up to a roundabout on a major intersection of highways in Bathurst, there was a bit of traffic backed up. This intersection is a bit of a bottleneck in the mornings with all the traffic coming in from Orange and Cowra at the same time. This P Plater ahead of me wasn't concentrating on the situation, or just wasn't equipped to even deal with it, ran up the back of the car in front of her. Yes, it was a girl, as I saw them pull off and inspect the damage. It wasn't a biggie, there was more damage to the P platers car (only a Laser), but even then it was a busted headlight and I'd suspect some radiator damage from the water she left on the road. Ok, fair enough, a little shunt, nothing to get upset about, I agree.

No sooner had they pulled off and I had passed the, that a P plater a couple of cars behind me ran up the back of the car in front of her! Two shunts within 20 seconds! She was too busy gawking at the other P plater, probably laughing "haha sucked in, that sort of thing doesn't happen to me..." - CRUNCH. FFS, LEARN TO DRIVE!

I'm done. </bitch>

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