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Well, this is where it all begins... Where I start to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Bucalan is tomorrow, and we have to get together drinks, set the hall up with tables, chairs, power cords and network cables, print attendance lists, get change for money and hope to hell it doesn't rain. ;P

We're all pumped for this weekend, have been for two weeks when the rego list filled up in 48 hours!

I know I haven't made a proper update the last couple of days, I haven't even done any work for a couple of days...

Played Indoor Cricket on Wednesday night, we were pumped up for a win, because we'd just come off a big one the week before. The win that night would have seriously put us into a good postion for the finals. However, we got creamed... it was kinda demorilising... OH well...

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Remember that there are a few of us headless chooks running round!!! Hopefully we will have a good day on saturday, and then all the work you put int it will be worth it.

indoor cricket, what can i say, i know that i didnt help thing much, i think we came out on 18 or somthing, and we had injuries! and i got smacked of my two overs of bowling! but ahh well, i had fun, and thats all im there to do.

Lets hope the posts will be postive after saturday!

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