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Stick that in your pipe and smoke it England!

Well, I think that the English Soccer administrators deserve all the criticism they get. They went on for so long stroking their egos, saying that their friendly soccer clash with the Socceroos will be an easy walk in the park for their superstars, and Beckham even saying that he'll only need to play half a game. HA! It wasn't even a close fluke of a win, it was 3 to smegging 1!

And I'm not saying it's a one off either. Australian soccer is on the increase. Especially when they have a auto-qualification spot for the next World cup, they'll be working a lot harder and they'll be training in Europe, primarily to keep them close to their European clubs they play for (eg Kewell and Viduka for Leeds), but to play more friendlies. I think you'll be seeing a lot more games like this. :)

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