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The frustrations of life...

The last two weeks are turning into a bit of a nightmare for Sally and myself. For nearly 12 months, our house has been the solitary building in our street, with the exception of a house being built half way through last year right up the other end of the street. A couple of months ago, construction, inevitably started on the blocks next door to us. The same builders are building two houses - package homes it seems - next door to us (the block next door, and the next one along). We watched as the house grew up beside us, with no real worries, apart from wondering what the neighbours would be like. Then last week, they started building a fence dividing our place with the block next door. That's when the "fun" started, as they say - it hasn't been fun at all.

The builders obviously hadn't done their home work into a couple of things. Firstly they told Sally that they were going to build a fence right there and then, and was that ok, also that they would be dropping the bill for half the cost over to us. Firstly, there is a law in Australia about dividing fences. Basically the person building the fence can ask the adjoining land owner to pay half the cost if they give them a notice in writing of the construction of the fence. It has to be served before construction starts and it has to be agreed by the adjoining land owner. It also states that the adjoining land owner doesn't have to pay anything if the notice isn't served before construction on the fence starts, or if they don't agree to it before construction starts. Real nice of them, I thought.

Secondly, they didn't do their homework into where our plumbing was laid underground, so they put a bobcat through our gas and water mains. This mess was actually sorted out with relative commen sense, which I was thankful for, still, the builders displayed an arrogance that they tried to palm off the bill onto us because they were supposedly in the wrong place. They were in the wrong place, and the plumbers who originally laid them for our house came and moved them closer to the house a couple of days later. They also fixed the breaks in the war (the gas company fixed the gas line breakage).

Then we discovered that the plumbers didn't hook up the water properly. They did a quick and nasty job and left without testing it. Dad luckily discovered this and got the builder next door to help fix it.

Then to top it all off, we discovered that the plumbers, when they moved the pipes, they didn't hook up the tap in our backyard which was on the same line as the ones that were broken. So we had to get them come up again and fix them. That same day we had the builders dogs come over and soil our back porch. I mean, come on, this is NOT on.

So the last week or so hasn't been the best for me and Sally. We're getting there though... And to think they have one more house to build after they're done with the first one. Hopefully that fence they were going to build will be up by then (whether they've served notice or not).

On the job topic, I just learned from an undisclosed source that the managers are actually having a hard time deciding between the 3 internal applicants (myself included in the 3) for the position. Great. Sif I wasn't stressed enough already.

Oh well.

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