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In probably the best game of Indoor Cricket I have ever played in my life, our team has pulled off an incredible win! We have defeated for the first time our arch-nemesis team, Country Energy. Yes, I can hear Tony "w00t-ing" for joy. :)

We batted first and only obtained 106 runs, so I was a little worried. We were good at defending totals, 106 made it a hard total to defend. But we stuck to our guns, we all bowled really well, and fielded brilliantly and restricted them to only 84. The one thing I will remember most, well there are two things. I took a catch that was off the top net that I grasped out of nothing, I shocked myself when I just stuck my hands out and it stuck. But the thing I will remember most from this game is the "Yorker from Hell". It's hard to explain in text, but for cricketing fans out there, in playing the ball (which was a yorker obviously) the batsmen basically turned to me front on, legs together, and bat in front, you'd think that he'd stop it. But somehow, it got through between his legs and bowled him. Okay, it was a "you had to be there" moment, but oh my god, who's butt did I pull that one from. :P I loved it. Without a doubt the best game I have ever played in.

Okay, time for sleep... say good night Chris

good night Chris. zzzzzzzzz

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