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My brother is getting married next week

I went to my brothers Bucks Night last night. It was a lot of fun. Although it wasn't the type of Bucks Night you might see in a movie, or in Sydney or anything like that. No Stripper or stuff, it was all good, clean fun. We started off with a game of golf, playing in teams of two playing the "Two Player Ambrose" system. This is basically where each person hits off, then everyone hits their next shot from where the closest person to the pin got. And you do that for every shot of the game. Points were awarded for the finishing places.

Because it was 40 degree heat, we took a break at the Park Hotel, where they've got a pool hall, so we had some drinks and shot some pool... that was pretty cool... After that we went to one of Stephen's mates places, which is at the Baptist Church, so we had access to a hall and stuff. We had a few games lined up with some activities for Stephen. Some of the activities for stephen were, he had to answer a pop quizz on what would he say if his soon-to-be wife said something in particular, like "I need a new wardrobe of clothes". We all particularly liked his answer to that one! He also had to pass the "Good Host" test, which was get everyone a cup of tea or coffee, without using pen and paper etc. He also had to write a romantic poem about his fiance, and then a separate test was to ring 2 people at random from the phone book and read them his poem! He did it without flinching, which is something a lot of us there admitted we could not do. Although we later found out that the two people that were rung were the organisers step-father and Miche, Stephen's fiance! But the fact that he didn't know who was being rung at the time meant that he did well. There was also a food complimentary test, where we blind folded him and fed him really wierd and yuckky stuff, and Stephen had to say something nice because it was to train him for the situation of Miche's cooking. We fed him tofu, raw potato, ice cream with BBQ sauce and straight orange cordial to wash it down. He passed that one only just!

The games we had also were a knockout of Grand Turismo 2 on PS1, in teams of two again, with one person steering and one person accelerating and breaking. It's harder than you think! We also had a game of "Articulate" which is a board game a bit like the game charades. We had a game of indoor cricket and a game called "Shirt or Skirt" - I won't try to explain that one. :P The last game was the funniest, I was almost choking from laughing so hard. It was "Fluffy Bunnies". For those who don't know what that game is, it's where each person tries to fit as many marshmellows into their mouth and after each one say "x fliffy bunnies" where x is the number of marshmellows in their mouth. The winner was 10, I got close with 9 and a few people only got 4 or 5. But the whole thing was just hilarious.

The whole night was a blast. Oh, Stephen also recieved the "Love Kit" which had assorted items in it such as a sewing kit and sewing book, a cooking magazine, a Marie Clare magazine with an article called "Orgasm School" in it, a pair of edible undies (for Miche), a massaging kit, lubricant, box of assorted condoms, box of tissues and a book about lovemaking. It was very funny.


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