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Gah... Umpires suck sometimes

As you can see we were a little disappointed with our first indoor cricket game back this year. We played really well as a team, but we were basically robbed of the win. Umm... I guess I'll just start from the top. We fielded really well first, and kept the team to 105. Now, we didn't realise until the end of the game that the Umpire hadn't deducted 5 runs from the other team because they had one guy out of uniform. During our batting innings we had a few occasions where our batters ran but didn't get the run added on the score board. Ok, yes we lost by more than 5 or 6 runs, it ended up being 95 to 105 or something, but if those decisions and actions had been made correctly and when they should have, then the whole outcome of the game could have been very different and our last 2 batters might not have been furious and played better. Then at the end of the game, when we questioned the Umpire, and you could say we placed a protest against the result, we were told that we should have brought it up at the time the errors occurred. The reason I didn't was because I was being curteous... The game was already running late and I felt that I shouldn't hold the game up and longer. Well, NO MORE MISTER NICE CHRIS. They're going to regret telling me that... I fear that I will hold the game up for everything...

Oh well, it is just a game. We played well, just didn't get the result we felt we deserved. We actually had passed their total but because of the situation our guys were a little angry and lost a few wickets right when we didn't need to. :P

I got a slap on the wrist today at work for using the Internet too much. Like WAY too much. My account for December was apparently $77 when staff members only get an allowance of $10... Trillian will use that much up. :( So I have made the concious decision to not do anything on the net, bar Utopia, which doesn't require me to do very much.

It is late now, so I better ski-daddle... Night peeps... Oh Tony, if you read this, give me a ring sometime... I wants to chat to you mate.

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