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Well, back at work and back into the groove

Well, it's not quite Monday, but here I am! I was a bit busy the last couple of days just getting back into the flow of things here at work. I had been away from work for 3 whole weeks - the longest holiday I have ever had in my 3 years in the work force. I almost forgot what I did for a living! Didn't take long for it all to come back to me luckily.

My holiday for the most part was pretty uneventful, the first 2 weeks of it spent at home. Sally and I had Christmas with both our families. Like last year, we had Christmas lunch at her parents place, and then went back for a small dinner at my parents house. I say small dinner because after lunch we're both stuffed more than a Christmas turkey to eat much more. If we did have another big meal that day, we would have burst, and let me tell you that wouldn't have been a very pretty sight!

We spent the next week and a bit fairly relaxed, we helped Sally's grandparents move house (as I described in an earlier update) and to tell you the truth, I can't remember for the life of me what I did. :P

However, the last week I spent up at Newcastle at NCYC 2003. NCYC is the National Christian Youth Convention, which is held by the Uniting Church in Australia, in a different state every 2 years. This year it fell to the NSW synod (Synod means state body) to organise and run, and of which I know quite a few in the organisational team. It was actually the first time NCYC has been held in NSW since 1981, and in that 22 years (11 NCYC's), Victoria has held it 2 times, Queensland 3 times, South Australia 2 times, ACT 1 time, WA 1 time, NSW 1 time and Tasmania 1 time. And to add to that Adelaide holds the next one in 2005 which will be the Jubilee NCYC 50th Anniversary.

So what is NCYC? NCYC is where 2000 young people from all over Australia and overseas come together and be involved in community life, creative worship, a wide range of electives, thought provoking Bible studies, as well as a huge line up of activity and entertainment options. At Newcastle they had bands such as Juxtapose, Alabaster Box and a few others. They almost got the Oils to play, but had to settle for a cover band when they split up last year. It was a huge week for me, and great and uplifting personal experience. I can't wait for Adelaide 2005! :)

On the topic, I saw this quote the other day...

<Mank> Happy New Year.
<Mank> 666 + 1337 = 2003
<Anders> So the Antichrist is to arrive this year in the form of a preteen hacker?
<Chris_A> It's the Ap0cA1yp53!!!!111
<Mank> a11 uR j3suz r b3lonG 2 US!!!!!!


Catch yas later! :)

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