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too bloody hot! :(

I don't mind summer weather. I like it better than winter, that's for sure. But what I do draw the line at is working under impossible conditions. I really feel sorry for the builders and everyone else who has to work in the sun, but at least they get whatever breeze is blowing out there. In here, it's just hot, still and very uncomfortable. A building built in the 60's not meant for offices at all, but an art and craft centre. Only the top of 4 floors has air conditioning, and down the bottom it's just stifling. They keep telling us that there is budgeted work to renovate the building and install air conditioning on all floors, but I've been here for almost 2 years and nothing's happened yet. Oh well... I might as well just sit here and swelter. I am actually developing a bit of a headache, so I might take the afternoon off and go home to watch the cricket... I'll see how I go.

We discovered last week that everyone in our department had $200 to spend on whatever we wanted for the office. Bill and I chose the cordless keyboard and mouse bundle of the natural keyboard and intellieye mouse thingy. It looked really cool so we decided to get it. Apparently we get another $200 next year too (we were supposed to get this first $200 back in the beginning of the year), so I might get a decent web cam or something.

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