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It's finally to that season again. Well, I know it's been Advent for two weeks now, but it's the season of Christmas parties. I have my work Christmas party tonight, so I will be hob-knobbing with all the people I work with in an alcoholic environment. Should be interesting. :)

Things are getting interesting here at work. As I told you before, I wasn't given an interview for the Networking position I went for the other week. It turns out that I have more experience in networking than any of the people that were granted interviews. Additionally, the main networking guy here at Bathurst was apparently absolutely ropable when he found out that I didn't get one and the calibre of the people that DID get an interview. The plot thickens! :) I rang out Executive Director of IT and he told me that he'll look into it, after I was told by the main person of the interview panel that I didn't have enough experience compared to the rest of the applicants. Now, what I don't understand is, how can 4 solid years experience in networking mean "not enough". Additionally it was a Level 5 position, which at CSU, in a technical position is a trainee!

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