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"Time has a habit of being hard to catch. He really is a slippery bastard!"

Damn, I'd been meaning to make an entry at least once every two days, but it looks like time has gotten out of gaol again! :) As a good friend of mine says, "time has a habit of being hard to catch". :)

This weekend has been one of the most enjoyable for quite some time. It went so quickly though. Too quick for my liking. It really sucks how that when you're having a great weekend, it's over in a flash, but if you're having a bad weekend, it tends to take a lifetime to get through it! :/ Oh well, Ce La Vie I guess...

Anyway, my wife and I went and had dinner with my best mate from Uni, and his girlfriend. It was the first time we had dinner at their place (we have had them over a few times), and well, we had a great time. Sally ch0wned us all in UNO, Sydney 2000 style. I'll tell you what though, that Trade Hands card is damn nasty! ;) Then the two of us teamed up and won a game of Euchre. The night was hilarious, the UNO game was tonnes of fun, we had 2 2-litre bottles of "red-stuff" helping the funniness of the situation. It's an interesting situation, my best mate and his girlfriend. Over the last few years they have been on again, off again sort of relationship, but they always come back to each other... It's quite sweet. ;)

Sunday was a top day again. My brother in law and I caught up on Starwars Episode 1, before heading off to see Episode 2 at the cinema. It was actually my second time, but his first. I love that movie, and... Yoda is da BoMB!@ :D
After the movie we had a meeting with all the organisers for the LAN that I help run. A most enjoyable evening, capping off a great weekend. I was quite disappointed as I was driving home last night, that I had to go back to work the next day. Oh well, I'll just have to look forward to next weekend then, won't I?

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