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Let it rain...
We got some rain this morning... although not a lot, it was nice. :) Still, we need a lot more before this drought will end. :/ There was a prediction earlier this year, that the end of the drought would be at the end of november, and one prediction was that it would end in floods. Well, that hasn't happened at all, so back to the prediction drawing board guys!

Got back into Diablo 2 last night, most probably my favourite game of all time so far. I started a character that I have never tried before, a Shape Shifting druid. I have played the druid before, but just never the shapeshifting skills. Last night I got him up to Lvl 19, and into act 2, so he's doing pretty well so far.

'Tis the 4th day of Advent, only 21 days to go to Christmas! YAY! And only 17 days till I go on 3 weeks holiday! :P DOUBLE YAY! :)

Yesterday I found a online comic called Mall Monkeys... yeah it was a bit of a rip off of Mall Rats, and in one strip, the artist even put in a cameo of Jay and Silent Bob. Most of it's funny, one section was pretty bad, but you get that. Overall, I gave it a 7, the content dragging it down a bit, as the art is pretty good. Oh my god, I've turned into a critic. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!

It's all your fault Andrew! :P

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hey, don't blame me if you've finally developed TASTE!

and, no, Sally can't move back in ;)

that was downright mean of me, wasn't it?

Hey, go with what you know :)

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