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Three from Five...

We got ourselves another win last night in Indoor Cricket. It was actually close in the end, we batted first and scored 120 from our alotted 16 overs, which saw us back to our batting best. We were wary when we started fielding because the opposition were very big hitters, but on our side, we had only 2 slower bowlers this week, as we had a couple of fill-ins for some absent regulars, so the extra pace attack helped a lot as well. Mind you, I think we probably could have still won it even if we had our usual strong team. We ended coming away with the win of 15 odd runs I think, but not without giving me a little scare in the last over. I was bowling with a length probably a bit too full, and both the first and second balls went for sixes. 14 runs of 2 balls wasn't good, and I was actually trying a new bowling action which gave me more accuracy but less speed. I went back to me old action which meant I could get the ball a bit faster, but less accurate, but it seemed to do the job as the remaining six balls went only for about 4 runs (in indoor cricket, it is easy to get 2 runs a ball just by hitting the side net and running, as the side nets are worth runs).

Next week we have a team, that are the so-called "easy beats" but it's more than a week away. :(

Overall the whole team is getting back to their previous best (last season we won our first four games on the trot). All the players are very much on the improve which is great to see, especially Duncan. His batting is getting a lot better.

Anyway, it's that time again! It's time for Chris' debate for the day! :) Today's topic is:
"That no one cares about whether Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is correct with the book."
True or False - Discuss in the comments. :)

Have fun! :)

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