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"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." - Johann von Goethe

It's funny how some people just don't grasp the basic theory of common sense. I hope I am not making a huge generalisation here, but some people just tend to think that if some situation is fine for them to be involved in, then it's okay for everyone, no questions asked, and they are lesser for it as well. It's this sort of attitude that really baffles me.

The situation is this; the LAN that I help organise is looking for a new venue, and some people that come along thought they'd help out in finding a suitable venue for us. Now the LAN that we organise is a group for anyone to attend, that means younger kids, well, especially younger kids. I know the demographics of computer games players tend to be the older generation, but we accommodate down to about 14 year olds as well, and we wouldn't mind if we had younger (One guy sometimes brings his 7 year old son!), and so we have to make sure that the venue is suitable and would be approved by younger kids parents. Now the venue that some people came up with is a NightClub. Now, this sort of venue is not always necessarily bad, as I know of a couple of LANs that use places like this, for instance, MPU, a 200 odd player LAN use the Parramatta RSL Club. However, this particular NightClub, over the 15 years I've been in Bathurst, has earned itself a bit of a reputation, and it's not for the cosy atmosphere if you know what I mean.

Now after explaining this to the people concerned, they refused to believe us and labeled us "soft" for not choosing a venue like it. But they just refuse to grasp the concept that it isn't suitable for kids under 18, whether there is no access to alcohol or whatever, the location just wouldn't be approved by parents. Why is this so blinking hard to understand? I guess half the problem is because the people involved are single IT males, which I have discovered over the years, aren't really the most mature kind, have a tendency to melt in sunlight and can be really childish if not given their own way. However, I'm inclined to think that for some strange, ridiculous reason, this kind of person only tends to dwell here in Bathurst, and come to our LAN. During my time at Sydney Gamers League, we never came across this sort of stuff, people didn't care where the LAN was, as long as they got to play games once a month, they were happy. Still the immature, devoid of sunlight sort of people, but at least they had some common sense!

I know the last couple of posts have been a bit negative in my feelings about the LAN, I hope I can have better things to say over the next week before our next LAN.

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