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On the first day of Christmas...

Yes, it's that time of the year again. We put up the Christmas trees over the weekend. Yes, you did hear me, that was PLURAL! :) We have 2 christmas trees, and they both go up every year. :) Sally is a bit of a Christmas nut. It's not a bad thing... although she kinda gets a bit dictator-like when it comes to decorating it. Oh well, we all have our vices. :P We'll probably get our Freddo Frog Advent calander this week as well... Well, they do say it is the silly season!

Once again the weekend wasn't long enough. :/ Bucalan was on Saturday, which went pretty well. It's much easier when there is only the one room to organise and look after. It's much quicker to set up and pack up. Being the end of the year, people are starting to go on holidays so we get a few less people to the LANs, which is understandable. We've also decided to lay off for about 2 months before having another one. I think we all need a break. :P

Still haven't found out about that job I went for. My best mate has already had an interview for a different job in the same area, and he hasn't even hear a result yet. It's getting a little silly, as they are being very tight lipped and slow about it all, and it's getting rather frustrating for all involved.

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