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Once again, a weekend is only just that; the end of the week.

So much is implied into a weekend. We all plan to have grand things happen on a weekend, but time after time, we fail to complete what we set out to do, on this grand event that sits at the end of a working week. No sooner has the weekend come, it's gone. Blink and you'll miss it!

For the first time in many weeks, I didn't have anything planned for the weekend. Well, Sally did, but I didn't. Sally always does. She's a gem. :) She's always thinking ahead and about something that needs to be done. I am really quite lucky to have her, and no, I didn't just figure that out. I've known it for a long time. If I didn't have Sally, I'm not saying I would be a dirty and unclean slob, I am far from it, I pride myself in the fact that I don't like a messy house or anything like that.

I was going to do the mowing over the weekend, but a few things saw to the fact that it didn't happen, namely a thunderstorm on Saturday and visiting Sally's parents on Sunday, thus I have it down to do when I get home from work this afternoon. It's a good thing I still have Dad's boots from the 24 hour race. My joggers won't go all green! ;)

Where's the rain, huh? The weather is definitely warming up, and has been for a few weeks. Won't be long before we will be hitting a constant 30 degrees every day. Bathurst is good like that. It's hot, but doesn't get quite as hot as say Broken Hill or other places like that. Apparently there was a prediction that the current drought, that has 98% of NSW in it's strangle hold, was going to end this week with flood rains. No sign of it yet. :( God knows the farmers need it. Even the birds right out in the far north west are just dropping out of the trees because of no water or food. It's sad that nature can do this to the land, but then I guess we have brought it on ourselves in a way - not totally, but we haven't helped.

I forgot to mention that we got out of jail rather closely in Indoor Cricket last week. We only needed 126 to win, and we got it on the last ball. A 1-run win is as good as they get they say. So that puts us on 2 wins from 3 starts, with a catch up game needed to play. That puts us 2nd or 3rd in the grade I think as only one other team has the same record and every one else has only had 1 win or none at all. We face our old nemesis this week, Country Energy, who defeated us in every game we played them in last season - the only team to do so - so we'll be keen to get a win over them. I'll let you all know how we go.

Well, I guess I better get back to work, I'm rating a series of oracle forms in difficulty to convert to a HTML version, and there's 50 of them. We've only done about 10, so we've got a few left to do before our 3pm meeting this afternoon.

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