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Scoie.: i spoke to terry today, its Jon McCormack not carmack
Scoie.: seems someone got a crossed wire talking to me
Chris: ?
Chris: Ah I get it
Chris: doh

That just sums it up doesn't it... Oh well... Who's this Jon McCormack guy anyway. The first person to tell me who isn't a games techie gets $1 :) Just Kidding.

Anyway, It's just after 10:30, and I am just about to go to bed, as I have to be up at 5.30 tomorrow morning. It's an early start for us Flag Marshals. It's also a long day; looking at the programme, we sign on at 6.30am tomorrow morning, and are doing flag marshal-ly type stuff until 10pm. Then Saturday morning we start at 7am and I won't get home till after 5pm the next day!!! I guess it is a 24 hour race! :)

I'll try and remember to post a report tomorrow night about how tomorrow goes... I can't wait!!!!

Night all...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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