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What is this salty discharge???
I've never had hayfever before, but I can tell you it sucks royally. I got home from spending the weekend at the inlaws, and hooked my pc back up. It must have been mega dusty because all of a sudden I wanted to sneeze all the time. I must have had dust all over my shirt as my nose just turned on the flood gates and wouldn't stop running. I changed my shirt and I'm fine. Wierd... :)

I have found a new job to apply for. Applications close on Friday, so I had better get to it and get my application in. If I get it it'll be mad :) Getting out of programming once and for all :P

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my eyes won't stop with the itching! and i'm feverish and it's hard to breathe. welcome to the club, pull up a chair!

nooo, don't get out of programming! what will you doooooo?
what are you gonna apply for?

/me pulls up a chair...

If I don't get the job I'll still be in programming! I am just keen to do something else for a bit. I'll always have my home programming for websites and stuff...

I can't really say what the job that I am going for is, for reasons I shouldn't post publically, but once its over and I know the result, I'll let you all know! :)

oooo, it's a secret! :D

you evil, evil man! tell! you must TELL!

<Denis Nedry Voice> Uh Uh Aah! You didn't say the magic word!


I've heard that people are getting hayfever this year that haven't ever had it before. Wierd. Or there could just be some dust up your nose. :D

Michelle (http://mishell.blogspot.com)

some dust? It felt like someone had parked a vacuum cleaner bag up my nose! :)



man, i feel protected. up until now, i didn't even know what hayfever was!
except with the childlike imagination where you think people start growing hay out of their foreheads and such... but i'll leave that senility alone for now.

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