June 20th, 2008


Antenna has arrived

My antenna from Cirrus arrived this morning, so I've been testing it out by sitting it in my front loungeroom window.  Pretty impressive little thing, and I have almost perfect line of sight to the access point from the house.  I ended up playing some battlegrounds PVP in WoW, something I've not done from home for a very long time. :P

What? Again?!

We found out last weekend that Sally is pregnant again. :)  She's 7 weeks pregnant on Monday, so we're all pretty happy again.  We didn't exactly plan this one, but it's welcome all the same. 

It's quite ironic that we would fall pregnant a second time so quickly and easily after taking so long to get Caitlin.  I had a feeling that the first child might just kick everything into motion (as did a few people).

The due date will be Feb 9 2009, which will put him/her 14.5 months younger than Caitlin.  Funny thing is, Sally is a bridesmaid for her best friend on Feb 14! Teehee.
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