April 2nd, 2008


Not Happy Jan

Once again, I've been overlooked for the next Sakai Conference. Ever since I joined the project last year, I've been lobbying to attend the Programmer's Boot Camp session that is held at each Conference, which goes for 2 whole days during the Conference. Last year CSU sent people to 2 Conferences, and then stopped when it was my turn. Now, they're sending the Solutions Coordinator (Technical lead) to the next Conference, to be held in Paris.

These sessions would be hugely beneficial to my knowledge base for Sakai, considering I'm on the Sakai project until July minimum. The SC did say he was pushing for more of the team to go, but the Exec Director wouldn't have it. It's just a huge disappointment.
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Silent Bob

Phew, That was lucky!

So, I'd lost my wedding ring on Monday afternoon, but hadn't realised it was missing until yesterday morning. Monday afternoon I was on the soccer field here at Uni doing some kicking around with the soccerball with jbekkema. So, when I'd realised it was missing, I couldn't remember the last time I'd noticed I still had it. Then the realisation that it might have come off on the soccer field, I was a bit worried I'd lost it.

James and I went over to the field yesterday afternoon and had a brief look around at the end we were playing and luckily I saw it on the ground after not too much looking. My ring must have come off when I made a save while doing some keeping in front of goal, I had tried to hit the ball up over the cross bar and the ball hit my hand fairly hard. My ring isn't exactly tight on my finger, so the ball must have knocked it off.

Very lucky save there. I told Sal about it last night and she looked a bit shocked and said I was lucky to find it again, although she did think it was funny. I'll have to make sure I take it off when I go out to the soccer field in future.
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Moving again.

Wow, three posts in one day, it's a relative avalanche!

We got a letter from our Real Estate agents yesterday with the Termination of lease form stating the owers are taking posession of the property at the conclusion of our lease on 22 May.

This means it's all go for looking for a new place to live. Sal's still keen on Darwin Drive but I'm trying to talk her out of it. I will have to go to see some other Real Estate agents on the weekend to see what's available at the moment.

I hate moving. :(
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Money is the root of all... dilemmas?

Post number four! :P

I have a dilemma... I'm saving up some money at the moment. Originally it was to go toward a new computer, but this dilemma is making me think otherwise. There are a few things I want, but the rate at which I'm saving means I'll only ever be able to do one of the options in the near future.

The things I want are:

a) New computer - totally new computer, I'm currently using parts that were loaned to me by friends.
b) iPhone when they come out (rumoured to be July)
c) Start collecting the Star Trek television series' (all of them).

Obviously if I start collecting the Star trek series' I won't have the money to put towards either the new computer, which I do eventually need or the iPhone. If I chose the iPhone, then I'd have enough by the time it was released in Australia with 3G. Having enough for the computer will probably take till the end of the year, where as the Star Trek series' will be a progressive collection, meaning there would be no real savings at all.

I hate money :/
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