October 1st, 2007


Work, Colds and Racing

I haven't posted in a while (read 10 days) so I thought I had better post an update.

The last couple of weeks have been nothing short of hectic; Uncle Skippy's funeral, working over time and getting sick as a result, and Michelle and Brett's wedding.  However, this long weekend has been enjoyable, although Sal might disagree. 

We came down for Michelle and Brett's wedding this weekend, whch was on yesterday.  We came down Friday night and stayed at groovemerchant's place as we didn't want to go all the way into Camden in one drive and didn't want to have to drive all the way home late Saturday night (we're too broke to stay in a hotel atm).  The Wedding itself was enjoyable, the service was nice, the cars were fantastic (old Jags) and the reception was a lot of fun, thanks to Sal's friends Sarah and Bec.

I was also tasked to help groovemerchant finally hook up his rack cabinet with his 2 new rack servers.  One of which is replacing the server I had at my place at Darwin Drive (which is still there atm).  These things are sexy, I am now thinking I should have taken photos, I'll try and get some tomorrow.  We have Fedora Core 7 x86-64 on one and Windows Home Server on the other.  Both are absolute beasts of machines, so I'm extremely jealous.

I am working over time at the moment.  Two reasons mainly; I need the money and CSU needs the work done.  Both can be interchangeably swapped in priority as they are farily equal to me - I really REALLY need the money and CSU is running out of time to get its Sakai system up and running by the beginning of December.  The last couple of weeks, I've worked 2-3 nights till about 10ish.  Last week I came down with a cold, which I always put down to being over tired, over worked or a combination of both as I rarely get sick.  It's not a bad thing, just a little head cold, and I'm trying to keep my germs away from groovemerchant because he not long had a stint in hospital because he couldn't shake a cold his wife gave him.

This week will be an exciting one, the town (Bathurst) is gearing up for this years 1000km car race, which is the biggest event on the calendar for Bathurst.  The town literally doubles or  more in size with car fanatics and motor racing fans - which is not always a good thing.  This year, I decided to put my flag marshalling application in again, renewed my license specifically for it but didn't get the app in till the day after they'd closed (apparently).  Thus, I was placed on a reserve list.  A couple of weeks ago, I was called up by V8 Supercars (who organise the event) and asked if I wasnted to be part of the Timing Crew instead, and that it was Driver ID on Pit Straight.  I couldn't turn that down, so I eagerly said yes.  I've no idea what's involved, any guesses on what it involves are exactly that, but it's exciting all the same.  Timing Crew would be an entirely different group of people to Flag Marshals so it should be great.

Well, being up this late isn't helping my cold, so I better get to bed, I'll just make sure those Kath & Kim downloads are good to go (for Sal, not me!!!).  To finish up, a big thanks to groovemerchant and his wife for putting us up this weekend.