December 11th, 2006


One down...

I had my Applications Programmer interview today... God I was nervous...  It turns out, it was all for nothing.  I think I did pretty well in the interview, answering all questions - not nearly as many as I'd expected - although one I think I fumbled badly, but kinda recovered with a mention of my analysis skills.

However, at the end of the interview, my Manager, who was on the panel, escorted me out of the room and once we were clear of the door, he told me I did a 'really good job, well done' and gave me a thumbs up sign.  Can't feel much more confident than that.

I was the first interviewee, though, so there could be some genuises to come, so it's not over yet.

Now I just have to prepare for my Business Analyst interview next week, which I know not much about...  Should be interesting.
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