October 19th, 2006

Voyager Hope

LAN Reborn...

I've been thinking over the idea of starting up running a LAN again when I return to Bathurst. I have a few friends who attend the only other LAN in Bathurst, called CWM, tell me that I should start up Bucalan again because it was much better than CWM.

Since I've quit World of Warcraft, I've had much more time to think about what else to do with my life and I have realised that I did enjoy running the LANs quite thoroughly. Now that WoW isn't taking up so much of my time, I actually miss having that as part of my life.

However, this time I'll probably do it a little differently. I'm not sure what yet, but I'll spend a couple of months preparing and aim to hold our first LAN probably in December or January.

Aaaaannnnnnnd we're outta here...

I had a phone call from the real estate today saying that a new tennant has been found.  Our vacation date has been entered and final rent payment has been scheduled.

All that remains is the final clean up to make the house nicer than when we arrived (the last tennant was pretty shocking).
captn obvious

Can my fingers have a rest now?

I have just finished marking all my previous LJ posts as friends only.  If my journal was going to be FO, it meant that I should have all posts marked FO, or it defeats the purpose.  Luckily most were FO already.  But now my hand is suffering from RSI :/

I was reading them as I went too.  2002 seemed like a very unhappy year for me.  Oh well, 2006 has sure been an eye-opener, that's for sure.

I have one more week of my contract with CIT, then it's back to Bathurst.