October 10th, 2006


An update at last...

Once again, it's been a while since I've entered something on my journal.  Mainly due to a combination of not having much to say or able to find the words to what I want to say and not having the time to do it.  I've got my post entry screen open alongside my work so I am adding things as I think of them as I work.

My contract with CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology) was extended to the end of October this year as they required me to at least start a new project.  This has shifted somewhat.  My manager here at CIT has been informed that it needs to be finished by the end of the year, and my manager in turn is saying that I need to finish all development before I leave... HAH!  Someone book me a room at Bloomfield, I may need it after this...  The project is to create an International Student Module in the system that CIT uses called Banner (which is why I'm here - CSU uses it too).  They wish to recreate (with improvements) the software they currently use into the Banner application - not an easy task.  Something like 30 forms to create and half of them have complex logic.  I now have 8 days to create the last 25 forms - it's needless to say that I may be coming in on the weekend. :(

At the end of my contract here in Canberra, I'll be moving back to Bathurst and returning to my previous job with CSU.  However, I will be looking into possibly an Education degree, possibly General Primary Teaching.  I'm getting out of IT and programming.  Six years is long enough for my liking.  I've also been told that I would make a good PE teacher.  I need to find an institution that will allow me to do undertake the degree externally and possibly part time as I still need to work.

We've told the real estate that we're moving out so we have now entered the phase of making the house look tidy for people to 'view' it etc.  We have 4 weeks to find a new tenant, but I'm told it won't be hard with the condition and location of the house and it's rent is fairly low apparently in comparison to similar houses.

About two weeks ago, I thought my video card had died.  A good friend from my WoW guild sent me a new PSU, and that seemed to resolve the problems I was having.  It seems that my vid card was needing a certain amount of power and it wasn't getting it.  However, I've also found that the fan on my video card has almost died so it's very close to dying anyways.
However, during my forced holiday from gaming (read: WoW) I enjoyed the other aspects of life, well, all that I could without my wife, and once the PSU had arrived I had no real want to log back onto WoW.  My current game card ran out this week, so I just decided to not get a new one, so I've effectively quit WoW.  I'm playing a cute golf game called Shot Online which is pretty cool, but other than that I'm watching dvds, going out for dinners and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

I went to the Bathurst 1000 this weekend, once again assisting the Bathurst Light Car Club with parking before the race.  We basically showed where people could park so that the cars were in an orderly fashion.  The shift was 6am to 12noon, but being the morning of the race, we had pretty much finished by 10am (race start).  We watched the race from the top of the mountain for a few hours before returning back to my house in Bathurst to watch the remainder on TV.  It was a different edition of the yearly event, with the great driver Peter Brock recently passing away, there were tributes everywhere, and additionally the race had an official tribute at the start.  The first row of the grid was left clear in memory of Peter and pole position started from position 3.  The race itself was amazing, with no less than 10 safety car periods, it was sheer carnage.  The eventual winner was Craig Lowndes in a Ford Falcon, the first for Ford since 1998.

Well, enough thumb twisting, back to the grind...