July 5th, 2006



It's been a wild couple of weeks, where do I start?  I better type quickly as I need to get to bed, I've been late to work the last few days on account of sleeping in. :(

Tuesday 13 June was the big day.  We picked up the truck after some dire negotiations with the Hertz rental company - they wanted to get approval for $5000 on our credit card for insurance reasons.  I told them, I don't think so, you didn't quote me for this when I booked it.  You will let me hire the truck for exactly what you quoted me for, which was just the cost of the hire plus distance travelled.  So after that little fun episode, we got the truck back to the house and packed it.  My father has to be the worlds best tetris player.  He managed to orchestrate 75% of our furniture into this small 3-tonne truck, and for anyone that knows Sal and I, that is a lot of furniture.
Fully packed, we got out of town shortly after lunch, Sally and her Dad drove down in her car ahead of my Dad and I.  Once we arrived at Canberra, around dinner time, we unpacked the truck and were fully done by around 9pm.  A very long day.

The next day, we drove back first thing in the morning, as my Dad had to return to work and Sally's Dad and I still had more furniture to move out of the house to their place. 

Since then I've been ferrying small items from the house to Sally's parents and my parents house, in an effort to get the house empty for cleaning.  I've taken some items, including the cats, down to Canberra, nearly killing myself in the process.  Never again will I drive a long distance on my own, with a cat in the car.

Sally is still quite unsettled down there, she's having difficulty with her position and is second guessing her choice to move, illness isn't helping her case either - although she is starting to get better now.  She's asked me to find out if I am able to continue my position at CSU, but from home in Canberra, for 2 months to give her a chance to sort herself out.  I'm not sure what I will do if I am offered the IT Client Services position I applied and was interviewed for almost two weeks ago.  Part of me really wants that job, but if I do, I'm severing all chances of returning to Bathurst if that is what we decide.

Personally, I want to move to Canberra, I've spent 20 years in Bathurst, I feel it's time to move on.  Yes, it's a lovely place, but it's limited.  My current job at the Uni is very cushy but my skills are disolving, I use my Java skills once ever 2 years or so.  I want to learn new things in different locations or organisations, get out of programming even.  However, I might not get the chance if Sally doesn't feel comfortable in Canberra.  It's hard to decide what to do, when one person is miserable in one place, but the other is miserable in the alternative.

Our fate lies with the only one that can make a difference, and I hope I can see the path He choses for us.

Anyways, I better head off to bed, I'm thinking about getting up for the Semi Final in the World Cup at 5am.  At least then I won't be late for work. :P